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  1. In this ever growing extremely dangerous neighborhood Israel used to have the moral clarity to use their hard fought and won deterrence against this implacable foe. Under submission to their replacement god of no-peace and their Olso, Road Map to Sheol that concept was trashed as was the concept of defeating the enemy (Hamas ,Hezbollah, for the Neville Chamberlain approach of appeasement and capitulation.We all know where the road Israel has taken leads !

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  3. Hi Dirk,Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’ve just started learning about the Sudbury schools recently, but from the little I know, it seems like you are spot on. It’s amazing what a sense of freedom will do for us. Thanks for tuning in,Dude

  4. Bienvenue Pascale! Ravie de faire ta connaissance! Je vous souhaite à toutes les trois des magnifiques aventures! JE vais les suivre avec un très grand intérêt! Bises et bonne Année!

  5. Eine wunderschöne Idee, in der Klasse meiner Tochter (im Kunstunterricht) mussten die Kinder im letzten Schuljahr auch ihre Namen mit Großbuchstaben malen und zu jedem Buchstaben eine ihrer Eigenschaften ergänzen. Sehr nett. LG Anja

  6. Strava is mijn favoriete app op dit moment. Dit komt door de erg leuke segment functie. Dit is een wedstrijd-element waarmee je een virtuele wedstrijd loopt tegen andere hardlopers die hebben gelopen op datzelfde stuk parcours. En dat gewoon in jouw hardlooprondje. Bekijk hier Strava voor hardlopen en hier Strava voor wielrennen.

  7. Acho que é nítida a herança que Sá recebeu de Mingos. Este jogo serviu excepcionalmente bem como exemplo. É bom que se evidencie que o SCP que vimos 'actuar' hoje é o SCP do DP. Vamos ver como será o SCP de SP.Para já, o futebol que SP herda é um futebolzinho miserável.

  8. I do surfboard designs and was wondering if I sent you guys a picture of a surfboard that I had drawn on, if you guys could copy that mural that I did would you be laminating it onto the foam or would it be on the outside of the board?

  9. and are why I would never again have sex on a first date.It’s not because of any sort of moral judgment against casual sex–I don’t think getting naked on the first date makes you a bad person. I just found that sex with someone I barely knew and didn’t quite trust wasn’t usually that good–a couple times it was OK, but it was never great,and it was sometimes really bad, and I was left with stinky sheets and not enough sleep. This is no doubt something about me and of course results will differ; if it worked for you, I’m glad!

  10. Serra, cher Guillaume, est sur D0010.Mais chez monsieur Rouges, nous parlons « pèlerins et autres réfugiés dans le brouillard… ».J’ai connu des camps (de l’intérieur), vous savez… il y a longtemps.

  11. I agree that in America there is really no need for evangelism. What about in the countries in the world that don’t know about Christ or Christianity. I may not be very far in my studies but I have learned that there are some unreached people groups in the world. So towards that effort I would say that we should continue evangelical training. It is important that the whole world knows of Christ. At least that’s what I think the Great Commission meant.

  12. More strawberry love! Our fresh season is over, but we can still get pretty decent ones in the grocery. I wonder if frozen would work…I have oodles of tasty berries in my freezer. It's always good to know you can put together something as tasty as that cake looks in a hurry! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  13. Iya, aku juga mau titip salam dan minta maaf ke all writer(ka Lakhsmi :terutama) Jangan marah marah lagi yaaaaa Peaca aH.. Ceritanya bagus koo,Wajar aja kalau ada keluhan,kritik dan saran dari pembaca setiaMaksudnya buat membanguN supaya makin majU ceritanyaBukan bermaksud untuk protes gitu (walau maksudnya memang begitu.. Heee)SemanGaT ya bikin ceritanYa..

  14. he pasado infinidad de veces por alli, y jamas me habia parado a leer la inscripcion y mucho menos a conocer la historia de la cadena.Que historia mas bonita, gracias por compartirla!

  15. Anderson disse:Veio coloca um Cooler exaustor na parte traseira do gabinete para sugar o ar quente e jogar pra fora (de preferência tem que ficar na parte de cima, ja que dentro do gabinete o calor sobe e o ar frio desce). Ou ainda, colocar um cooler fan jogando ar de FORA pra DENTRO do gabinete, sendo que o cooler fan fique na parte em cima do processador (tampa do gabinete)

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  17. Blacks should use barack momentum and file classaction suits, for offering their 14th amendment birthright to all immigrants and the whole south America. stop running, and start unifying. If these dumb as fucking black males was not so busy trying to fuck white women all the time, then they could be seen as men. They pussify themselves fucking their oppressors for pale mutations

  18. ……………vai ferrero con i referendum moi usciti dal lavoro e senza paracadute di nessun tipo e per 7 anni senza òlavoro nè pensione ti sosterremo a decine di migliaia vedrai sarà un successo !!! spazziamo via questa riforma fornero una donna venuta da marte senza capire che ha distrutto almeno un milione di persone che ora piangono in nostro voto sarà assicurato visto che ci interessa direttamente !! grazie infinite !!!

  19. 2012-11-7fethim mondja: Egyik sem hatásos, nem szabad ilyen szereket enni, ki tudja mi van bennük, én nem bíznék egyikben sem. Csak felesleges pénzkidobásnak tarom, akkor azon a pénzen inkább vegyél több zöldséget és gyümölcsöt vagy a kicsivel drágább rozsos cuccokat és egy kondibérletet. 0Ez a válasz hasznos volt számodra?

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  21. Un gran brutto sogno cara Lorella…mi auguro che il prossimo sia meno banale…la piccola protuberanza è quello che le donne già oberate di impegni, incombenze, famiglie, figli, lavoro e rotture di coglioni varie si augurano di non avere proprio mai..Smettiamola con questa deficente mancanza o invidia del pene..Ma che ce ne facciamo vorrei proprio chiedere a te…anche se solo oniricamente..Già serve così poco nella vita a questi nostri cazzuti uomini..ti auguro sogni migliori!!Espritsolaire

  22. Gail,I teach in a program like the one you took and see the same barriers to employment for my graduates. I agree that we need an organized effort to reach insurance companies.Service Definitions for state-funded services include paraprofessionals in services such as IOP and in-home outreach programs, yet contractors are not hiring them, citing insurance problems. This does not make sense.People in recovery have the passion to help others. Education level should not be a barrier!

  23. Crezi ca, daca dom' Piedone ar fi spus ca preturile sunt ca si acelea din piete, te-ai mai fi dus ? Nu trebuia sa te atraga, pe tine…si pe altii, cumva ? Ce… mai e Ziua Recoltei, cum era candva demult…in vremuri pe care unii nu le-au cunoscut ?Cristina

  24. Ez is milyen érdekes. Miért lett nyálas, ami tökéletes?! Miért nyálas Leo és Kate tökéletes pillanata a Titanic elejében széttárt karokkal? Lehet, hogy majd valamelyik hét kérdése a giccsről fog szólni. :o)

  25. The best thing is to stand back, let Libya slide into Bronze Age anarchy and recreate Europe's dreaded scenario of a million or so refugees floating to Europe which is what caused all this intervention in the first place. This time though, politely refuse, claiming 'leading from behind' wasn't far enough behind and we need to let the fine people of Europe sort all this multiculturalism out for themselves.

  26. Sandi!It’s obvious by reading what God is doing in you that the Lord is overflowing your cup! Bless you sister!Thank you for always encouraging us out here in blogland for wonderful reminders that God always wants to work on our behalf and show us things we could never even dream, think, or hope about!

  27. I agree! Alex, you are the only classy one in the bunch! The way Kelly and LuAnn treated you in Morocco was appalling… Completely classless and tacky. Please don’t ever let anyone talk down to you like Kelly did when she “thought” she was calming you after you had something to say about Ramona. It was inhumane, the way she spoke to you. Completely vile. Always take up for yourself, and don’t every give in! Best wishes!

  28. KyleOctober 30, 2012I would love to see if the same outcome would happen in a classroom of 6 and 7 year old kids in North America. If the teacher just got out of the way and let them play would they learn more than they learn now? If you have the tools, I have the classroom for this experiment.

  29. also ich finde Jana kommt einfach nicht sympatisch rüber…unsympatisch jetzt auch nicht aber sie hat einfach nicht dieses feuer von Rebecca oder diese unbeschwertheit von Amelie…Jana hat einfach keine Ausstrahlung finde ich.vom aussehen her ist sie einfach keine die man sich merkt. man sieht sie einmal, denkt sich ja, ganz durchschnittlich und vergisst sie wieder. Amelie tat mir so leid…sie hätte es am meisten verdient ganz ehrlich

  30. Time to get the bark on.Heya!Yo!“Hoy! Hoy!” <-If you believe Reader's Digest, Alex Bell's preferred way to answer a phoneIt's you!Yell-O!Grussen! <-German FTWWhat's up, m'lady?Fella!You're here!Glad to see you!Keep it going!Passin' through?Long while!Of all the people!Joyous return!Up to something again?…I think I'll stop there. Looks like everyone's backing away for some reason. ???

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  32. I have a copy of the Nag Hammadi Scriptures (the one edited by Meyer) in my TBR pile. They were discovered in a cave in 1945, and are the definitive source for Gnosticism. If you're not into primary sources, I highly recommend starting with Philip K. Dick's VALIS, The Divine Invasion, and The Transmigration of Timothy Archer, which explain the Gnostic core concepts in a science fictiony way (sort of).

  33. Women are reacting predictably to the current mate market. The problem is that they don't sufficiently realize that they can't postpone childbearing indefinitely. Another problem is that we unintentionally facilitate single parenthood.It seems that we are in an evolutionary novel situation that has likely never existed before. I wonder how many generations this one will exist for? Based on recent history, not long.Thus women have never been selected for making good reproductive-success decisions in times when they are not in surplus.

  34. We should stick to the more concrete, air-tight accusations against Harley. Who the fuck is Wayne Wilson anyway and why should I trust him? Harley provides plenty of evidence on his own. No need to go around placing full, unquestioned stock in the word of newbie gurus. We set ourselves up to look bad if we do that. I’ll watch Wayne’s videos and give him a chance to have credibility, but he needs to be around for a while and work a bit harder before that happens.    

  35. Guten morgen, good morning, buenos dias …Rechne ich da was falsch? Ist der Unterschied zwischen +17:56 (Dirk und robby) und +17:14 (DALMAU) nicht 40 Minuten? Zeiten laut Eurosport. Allerdings sind Dirk und Robby jetzt auf dem 12. Platz abgerutscht.

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  39. Ramiro: El símil es inadecuado. El único símil sería hacer el servicio militar en caso de guerra, en que tampoco te preguntan si querrés o no ir. Podrás decir que sos un objetor de conciencia, pero te va a costar demostrarlo de que es legítima tu posición o simple no me da la gana.Podés probar rechazar el nombramiento, y, aunque lo dudo, quizás te den bolilla. Pero, por favor, no te quejes en el futuro de nada del país.

  40. : « il existe des parcelles de réalité hermétiquement inaccessibles à une approche rationelle. »Je peux me tromper (mes cours de maths sont loin), mais je crois que c’est ce que prouve Gödel : en mathématiques, au moins, dans un système formel, il existe des vérités indémontrables.On peut changer de système pour diminuer l’incomplétude, mais tant que le système est formalisé elle sera toujours là.

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  43. Virgilio,Já dei um exemplo sobre o que fez com que a imagem do PPC ficasse "nebulada". E houve mais.Das duas uma, ou temos um presidente tipo Pinto da Costa que percebe de futebol e sabe-se mexer ou temos um presidente que não precisa de perceber de futebol mas que tem um director desportivo que percebe. Costinha já provou que percebe muito pouco.

  44. Alexandra – Just hoping you won’t think less of me. Think MORE. Like, isn’t she hospitable. To let the little creatures of the earth inhabit her home.Or something like that.I’ll be thinking about you in October.Gotta love crop-cutting time julie gardner recently posted..

  45. Yup, I got one also. I’ve been searching for their phone number without success. I am going take the time to file a fraud report complaint with the Postal Inspector and NY BBB. Can’t let them get away with this stuff!

  46. The opening to RAW was awesome. One of the better openings I can remember, and it succeeded in making me feel like, hey, maybe they do know what they are doing and things are gonna get better.I’m just not gonna hold my breath though…

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  49. Om, I have to say, you have kickass taste in obscure music.I agree that emusic seems like it would be a better apples/apples comparison because it sells MP3s even though it has a subscription model instead of a pay-per-track model.

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  52. Eagles Nest…Eagles Nest…where do I know that name from…Your argument that we must defer to the Afghan government is absurd on its face. If Shrub tells them to jump, they ask how high, and how long to stay up.The rest of your insult isn’t coherent enough, or on point enough, to worry about further.

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  54. Isn't much of this just a law (religious legalism) vs. Christian freedom debate? For me having grown up and still very much connected to a conservative church community, I find they're always preaching and stressing law even though they'll never admit it. I will also admit though that I'm at all impressed by leaders who are just a little too hipster cool. They seem to be trying just as hard as the super holy guys in suits while claiming to be different.

  55. >I’ll 2nd that!! I was there from the beginning of your relationship…and there was never a better match for you!!! I can remember those days you would cry on my couch because you couldn’t be together…and look how it all worked out so perfectly!!! I’ve been thinking about you and hoping things are going okay! Keep me posted on that little one headed to join you soon!!! I’m still sad I ddin’t get to see you! I’ll make another trip soon!!love you! Happy Birthday to Brian!!! xoxoxoxoxox

  56. This is a cute souvenir! And I think a good buy at P100. I would usually buy a refrigerator magnet or a small item which I can use as decoration in the house as a souvenir during trips. Other stuff I get would include delicacies from the place to give to family and friends

  57. I’m with you Becky!! What does it matter how much she spent.. She wanted that baby very bad..and Jude will know one day that you couldnt put a price on her she was wanted and her mother would spend every dime she had to get her!

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  59. Nyyyydelige, Marianne!! Liker så godt kort-stilen din, og fargeleggingen din er alltid så flott og nydelig! :o)Ha en fin dag! Er fortsatt syk her, så da drøyer det nok til neste uke før jeg får av gårde noe til deg. Kos deg masse! Klem

  60. Naveed- what an humble review…!! yes, humble. so first half is not good. same case with YPD but still was enjoyable film. now READY. Naveed Dhinka Chika is not their in the middle of film? or it is twice in the film? please inform me about that.

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  62. Tom, thanks for posting what was going on behind the scenes on this film. Really helps to understand the context and the challenges facing the director and the cast. I t also makes me think twice about criticizing a performance when I consider what the actors were up against. 

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  65. Dear Peggy N and Judy B,“E” is definately “Daddy’s” girl. Zenny looks and is built more like her sireStreet Cry. Then of course they both have “V’s” size and her wonderful temperment, which Eric Kronfeld bred into his family. She is such a doll.

  66. gator,libtard,jplI am surprised there are multiple bids on a close to million properties in GR. I just saw a similar house sold in Forest ave a few months ago for $750K. There is a bubble 2.0 going on here. Either inflated bonuses in finance inflate houses prices in “favorite” neighborhoods or housing rebounded (not).

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  68. Heh, I think I’m the only Aussie alive who doesn’t like tim-tams *hides* Too rich for me! Although I do send a few to everyone I send swap packages to, because they are apparently so fabulous! LOL

  69. thanks a lot! That helps a lot. I called a different number than I called originally and she confirmed I got the amex, but was quite confused about “bonuses.” she just didn’t seem to hear me correctly. Oh well, at this point I’ll wait till the cards come in the mail and confirm by credit card number to avoid confusion between two cards.

  70. I purposely put up the picture because if I just rant upside down about how inhumane their behaviour, people would just read and move on but when they see something visual, something that tug the strings of their hearts, that's when it hit them. This is not just talk. This is true. I saw many of the photos of babies dead, thrown in garbage bags, in the river and so forth and it made me so sad.. So sad.. :'( :'( :'( :'(

  71. Grant is usually fair and balanced. It would be great if he could contact Tollner or Gannon and get their analysis on AS and his growth this year. We’ve heard enough of the negative aspects (Cosell, etc) give us the counterpoint please.

  72. dizer mal por mal, pode sempre ser uma opção de comentar a política em Portugal, e confesso, muitas vezes não é nada fácil encontrar alternativa à critica fácil, mas, ainda acredito que é possível uma alternativa ao total descomprometimento deste políticos.Bem, mas não foram os comentários políticos que me levaram a comentar o seu blog, mas sim, a sua enorme aptidão para as artes gráficas, parabéns.

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  76. I am not a Homosexual and so i do not find it troubling to talk about and listen to the sinful aspect of homosexuality, but then we are natural that we find the opposite sex attractive and therefore wouldn’t think about another man/woman in the same way. but what if u were attracted to the same sex. what if u tried to control it but tou just cant find a person of the opposite sex appealing. what if your hormones were in such a way that you ended up being attracted to the same sex??? what then? I dont support gay behaviour, but thats easy for me to say. i just want answers to my doubts please.

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  223. I am in the same boat as Matt. I received a letter saying that they have forwarded my letter to the appropriate person for handling my dispute. They also sent me a revised copy of the chexsystems report with the “Report Disputed by the Consumer”. Does this mean I have no shot of getting out of this now?

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  231. The Tory are in a definitely winning scenario. If the referendum is defeated, they’ll be credited for keeping the United Kingdom united. If the referendum is carried, they’ll be a lot closer to an outright majority since many of Labour’s and Libdems’ safe seats are in Scotland. What I found difficult to understand is the position of the LibDems (their Michael Moore is the Secretary of State for Scotland). They got nothing to win in this deal, although it’s in line with their core value to maximise civil rights and liberties.

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